Records customers information and purchase history
  Registration for loyalty program, discounts and other benefits
  Customer kiosk/terminal for browsing in store with images and music
  Custom messages for each browsing section
  Superior customer service to registered customers
  E-mail account information to preferred customers
  Temporarily saves order when browsing to reduce Cashier overhead
  Rate Table displays rates of all denominations of a card
  Access Numbers List displays all the numbers used to access card dialing features
  Rate Finder for Customers to query best cards for the countries they call with detailed results in the order of the cost of the call for the given duration
  Quick-fill order screens with easy controls
  Retail sales and wholesale sales
  Choice of multiple formats for receipt/invoice
  Coupon discounting with time and usage limits
  Send promotional e-mails to member customers
  Print quick-fill membership forms for your customers
  Enhance the look and feel of the screens with images and event based sounds
  Powerful retail discounting based on cards, customers, quantity and order value
  Transaction based security for operators
  Automatic single or multiple tax calculator on card or subtotal
  Maintain vendors information with purchase record
  Multiple payment methods with input field control
  Custom fields supported for your special needs
  True Client-Server setup for single or multiple users
  Extensive help with images and text to guide you everywhere
  Query-based Post Office sends e-mails to customers / vendors
  Total management of cards inventory
  Easy one-step method of refilling inventory
  Alerts when inventory reaches reorder level
  Sales Analyzer wizard generates detailed reports
  Numerous one-click and wizard reports for all tasks
  Wizard for inventory and cards reports and management
  Administrator, customer and cashier mode
  Customized screens for cashier and customers
  Cashier screen has two modes - touch or device
  Activate and deactivate any feature with immediate effect
  Activity log records every transaction with time, computer and the User
  Import/Export utility to import phone cards, customers, vendors and more
  Exchange data with other MissionPOS or MissionCommerce users
  Multiple input methods - touch-screen, bar code gun, stylus, keyboard or mouse
  Define access rates or number of minutes for each denomination or for all denominations and the system automatically calculates everything else for each or all denominations of a card
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