MissionCommerce Enterprise
MissionCommerce™ builds and deploys a secure, robust electronic commerce marketplace with an excellent sales, store and product manager. It empowers current businesses to extend their expertise to a new distribution channel. It is an effective and a powerful business solution to model, manage and maintain relationships with existing clients and to easily establish new ones. Its stunning graphics, logical links, powerful database, secure transactions and user-friendly web interface allow you to sell your products and services around the world, around the clock.

MissionCommerce™ offers consumers the ability to build a complete electronic commerce store rapidly and with little difficulty. The ability to construct stores easily allows users to focus on their businesses and sales rather than on writing millions of lines of code and defining order processing pipelines. MissionCommerce offers flexibility to set-up any kind of store you like, define products in any way you like, sell products with any price model you like and manage products within the store in any way you like. Standard Support is included in the Package.

MissionCommerce™, the most dynamic, versatile and advanced solution for prepaid-phonecards business. If you are an existing phone card business or planning to start one, Zaztech has developed a specific solution for you that is built on cutting edge technology. Our online pin delivery system is an advanced e-business application specifically built for prepaid phone card companies enabling you to increase revenues, productivity and customer satisfaction. System combines all the features to operate an online business including automated payment, comprehensive fraud protection, detailed administration pages for order processing, content and site management, marketing tools, and advanced reports to allow site owners to analyze customers buying behavior and their business.

MissionCommerce™ is developed using state of the art technology and can scale up to support thousands of concurrent users with millions of transactions. Pin numbers are delivered by email allowing users to start using their prepaid card immediately when they need it. It also protects business owners by advanced fraud protection features such as credit card, email, IP address, purchase amount limits and AVS reports. Automated low inventory alerts, automated affiliate tracking system for affiliate orders and customers for commissions payments. Pending orders approval by administrator. Separate consumer and wholesaler process. Built in Reat-Time payment methods like AuthorizeNet and PayPal. Standard Support is included in the Package.
You can install MissionPOS on any type of computer or kiosk. The system is designed to work with touch-screen, bar-code scanners or regular mouse and keyboard equipped system. MissionPOS can work on a single kiosk/computer or network of kiosks/computers within your retail store. You can manage sales using all kiosks or make one kiosk as the main cashier kiosk to manage sales, while the others act as information kiosks for your customers. Using the customer kiosk, customers can automatically select cards, query the system or create account to seek discounts and promotions. This way the cashier is free to manage the cash register. The main cashier kiosk (computer) can share the same data with all the networked kiosks in the store.
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