Card manufacturers, distributors and businesses who want to sell wholesale as well as retail have a common platform now. The new Wholesale module allows the delivery of PINs securely in Real-Time to your customers. You do not need to ship the physical cards or send to printers. Simply use one inventory vault to dispatch PINs to your large and small clients. Control the way you want to get paid for large orders – you can either use ACH facility or Purchase Order options besides the Credit Card and Bank payment.

 Activate and deactivate Wholesale sales anytime
 Increase sales by selling bulk quantities of phone cards to Resellers, Dealers and Agents
 Wholesalers apply online and get approved by the Administrator
 Set minimum and maximum per order amount thresholds
 Apply taxes on wholesale sales if your business requires based on card or region
 Define quantity or percentage discounts for each card by denomination
 Define discounts for all or individual wholesale buyers
 Define separate payment methods for wholesale buyers
 Define multiple shipping options with rates for shipping wholesale orders
 Wholesalers can track delivery of package online using the shipping link with tracking number
 Set both or any one delivery option - physical shipment or web download
 Wholesale sales analyzer to track detailed wholesale sales
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