Reduce overhead, cut cost and increase profits by recharging your customers phone card PINs in real-time or manually using the MissionCommerce Recharge module. Recharge module can be implemented immediately with our platform and can be programmed further to act in real-time by receiving payment and updating the Switch in real-time. MissionCommerce can integrate with your real-time recharging system using an API (Application Programming Interface) from your Switch or Carrier. The Recharge process will update and insert PINs information in the Recharge module of MissionCommerce that will maintain its own Recharge Orders profile. This module can Recharge PINs sold online as well as Cards sold through normal retail channel. The customer in the online store will be presented with an option to recharge PINs.

 Activate and deactivate Recharge module anytime
 Mark Card rechargeable at denomination level
 Define numerous recharge denominations for each Card
 Pay Affiliates Commissions on Recharge Orders
 Order Receipt and delivery e-mails for recharge orders
 Powerful search for Cards and Recharge orders
 Apply taxes on Recharge Cards
 Define discounts, recharge talk time and recharge validity
 Option to show Recharge talk time and validity
 Recharge pending orders search and approval process
 Manual approval and real-time approval of pending orders
 Recharge Sales Analyzer to report on recharge sales
 Pinless products can also be recharged with all the above features
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