You cannot afford to ignore the direct sales potential of the retail stores. But using it to bypass your other distribution partners or your direct sales force can be devastating. Therefore, harness the power of the Web without alienating your partners. Engage your partners and sales force; help them succeed in this new selling environment – and secure a growing revenue stream. Better manage key customer relationships with a focus on both long-term revenue and long-term value. The MissionCommerce POS Agents module allows you to appoint multiple Retailers and Distributors who in turn can create multiple Retailers. You pay commission to your Distributors and they pay commission to their Retailers. You can control what they sell and at what price. All inventories are managed from the same central system; again cutting cost and making inventory management easy and effective. Define dependent and independent distributors and retailers. Dependent distributors cannot have sub-distributors and must have retailers only. Independent Retailers can sell in any currency and at their set price anywhere in the world.

Start selling phone cards, pinless products, recharge phone cards, gift certificates and more at Airports, Railway Stations, Busy Public places and Retail points using the MissionCommerce POS Agents module. The POS system is designed to work with touch-screen, bar-code scanners or regular mouse and keyboard equipped systems. Customers can automatically select cards, query the system or create account to seek discounts and promotions. Large user-friendly interface makes system accessibility very easy and intuitive. Install as many point of sale systems as you like; all systems fetch inventory from one inventory vault thereby reducing management cost. POS systems can also be deployed in Stores for retail sales. The Retailers (Store Owners) can completely control what products to sell and at what price point. You (as an Administrator) simply set the sales limit for the Store Owner and collect payment either prepaid or postpaid. Store Owners can set their taxes, control receipts and add their employees as cashiers to run the POS system. POS system is made for deployment in any country in the world with language and currency flexibility.

 Total control on Products that are allocated to each Distributor and Retailer down to the denomination level
 Apply sales value limit at each POS by time-period and take action by blocking sales, continuing sales or by extending limit with a grace value
 Coupon discounting with time and usage limits
 Powerful discounting based on Region, Retailer and Order Value
 Print complete card information on each receipt with image, Access numbers, and Dialing Method
 Increase employee loyalty by paying commission to Cashiers
 Registration for loyalty program, discounts and other benefits
 Retail Vouchers printing and usage as virtual money at POS
 Control what Distributors / Retailers see about your Customers
 Customers can update profile at Retail locations
 Distributors have their own 'My Account' area with access to commission reporting, sales reporting and sub-Distributors and
 Retailers records with complete chain
 Complete POS interface with touch screen facility for Retailers that includes ability to sell all system products, manage customers and manage
     the complete store with security and cashiers
 Create four levels of Distributors with ability for the Merchant to control creation of types of sub-distributors. Every Distributorcan have
 Retailers can add new Cashiers to manage their sales and define the type of Cashier – Administrative or Sales only
 Retailers can apply taxes based on their store location
 Retailers have their own login with Sales Interface for Sales and Customer Management
 Retailers have Store Manager for complete management of their business like product management, commission and sales reporting,
     payments analyzer and more
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