Pinless systems are the next generation ‘phone cards’. The module offers advanced functionality for sales, ease of use to customers and a natural evolvement of the phone cards industry. This module provides complete settings, handling, processing and delivery of the Pinless model. When the customer calls the inbound number, the switch recognizes the caller (customer) by the telephone number used to make the call and provides a prompt with the account info and a method to dial. Upon authentication, the call goes through to the destination number. This module can have custom steps depending on your Switch that handles the Pinless system. The customer in the online store will be presented with an option to associate telephone numbers to the PIN or an Account. The Pinless process may have an option to automatically update the switch. Pinless enabled PIN usage history will be maintained by the Switch. MissionCommerce can be completely customized and programmed to handle Pinless products from various vendors like NACT, Telecents, Sendglobal, and many more.

 Activate or Deactivate Pinless module from your store whenever you want
 Sell Pinless products in Retail stores or on the Web
 Allows you to define Pinless enabled Cards with their own attributes
 Custom appearance of Pinless link in sidebar or top bar
 Define discounts for Pinless products
 Custom web page message for each section
 E-mail delivery for Pinless Orders
 Effective Pinless number handling
 Update Pinless numbers from Orders for PINs
 Powerful search for Pinless orders
 Easy and user friendly stepped process for creating new Account
 Pinless Sales Analyzer to analyze Pinless business
 Numerous steps to define each Pinless product based on the Pinless product carrier/vendor
 Define speed dial numbers with contact names
 Offer Pinless products from more than one vendor and MissionCommerce will provide steps to handle each product individually
     with total gateway features control and management
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