Promote your online business using the MissionCommerce Marketing module. Turn your web store into a destination with numerous features to attract customers. The web store does not remain a website but becomes a Portal when marketing features are activated. Show promotional messages; drop down curtain window; pop-up special items for impulse customer attention; show the latest news to customers from CNN®, BBC® or the latest stock prices from NASDAQ® through RSS / Web feed. Allow customers to ‘Rate’ and ‘Review’ the cards that help other customers to purchase. Sell to the world using the seven languages that your customers can dynamically use and the whole web store will change accordingly. Offer new cards, promotions for your business or simply send a newsletter to your customers using the fabulous Post Office system.

 Three card rating options – combo, radio and star
 Administrator manages the ratings from the admin area
 Automatic calculation of rating points
 Show Reviews to customers and allow them to write more
 Administrator approves the Reviews from the admin area
 Display a ‘Curtain’ message text or image on home page
 Display marketing options in multiple formats and places on home page
 Create new emails querying detailed historical store data and customer buying habits
 Include various store features into e-mails and preview e-mail before dispatch
 Save e-mail for editing and future use with recipients
 Send e-mails to everyone - Customers, Wholesalers, Affiliates, Vendors, Retailers and Distributors
 Extended footer links to promote web store features
 Seven languages with detailed editing and activation control
 Editable world clocks with six cities
 Pop-up a new window with announcements, promotions or simply update your customers with the new website features
 Extensive management of the RSS / Web Feeds from multiple websites – control scroll speed, single or multiple window, fonts
     and more
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