Retaining old customers is a key to success in any business. That is why the MissionCommerce platform offers the Loyalty module with fantastic features to retain your valuable customers. Give customers points that transform into dollar value that the customers can use for payment in future orders. Control how the points are given and how the points are redeemed in the form of payment. Give loyalty points on referrals and not just on orders. When customers refer other customers, affiliates and wholesalers, both the customers and its complete hierarchical chain can get loyalty points so the customers keep coming back while your sales keep going up. Instantly create Gift Certificates for customers to use at your online store. Customers can gift the Gift Certificates to their loved ones on special occasions via e-mail or through postal mail.

 Activate or deactivate loyalty program when you want while retaining complete loyalty points of all customers
 Set loyalty monetary equivalent value dynamically
 Allocate loyalty to either active customers or active and inactive customers
 Set minimum and maximum redeeming condition limit per order
 Redemption threshold value on number of points and order value
 Use self / customer loyalty for quantity of cards purchased, value of order or upon new customer registration
 Easy ‘Refer-a-Friend’ form to fill and submit
 Activate Gift Certificates dynamically
 Gift Certificate setting form manages Gift Certificates denominations, delivery options and more
 Gift Certificate delivery options either by Email or Postal mail
 Set Gift Certificate validity (expiry) in days
 Gift Certificates are used to pay for anything in the system
 Complete Gift Certificate usage detail
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