Easy and extensive web settings to design web store   
   Transaction based security for operators   
   Automatic single or multiple tax calculator by region   
   Maintain vendors information with purchase record   
   Countries form to manage detailed countries information   
   Multiple payment methods – Credit Card, Bank, ACH, PO and PayPal   
   Real-time credit card processing with immediate payment   
   Custom fields supported for your special needs   
   Anti-fraud settings prevent fraudulent orders and customers   
   Apply date, digit grouping and PINs format per your business   
   Mask password and credit card information in store   
   Use image verification for registration and for login   
   Open/Close Store dynamically with message   
   Import Card Rates from .TXT or .CSV file   
   Attract customers with card based discounts, order based discounts and quantity discounts   
   Coupon based time limit discounting   
   Discounts for only new customers, all customers or only selected customers   
   Apply Discount to all customers or selected customers with filter for regions   
   Screen customers before authorizing purchases   
   Pending order approval controlled by Administrator   
   Return phone cards to inventory on denied orders   
   Real-time inventory on received and fulfilled orders on the web   
   E-mail alerts when inventory reaches reorder level   
   Quick Buy allows approved customers to order quickly   
   Express Buy with one-click from Cart increases store sales   
   Maintain cards inventory with PINs and Control numbers   
   Import PINs from a text file into Purchase Orders automatically   
   Apply transaction fee on orders with a minimum order value threshold   
   Purchase Phone Cards in batch or one by one   
   Track personnel who create and fill purchase orders   
   Control order minimum / maximum limit per customer   
   Set Orders maximum limit per customer for a day   
   Manage inventory by setting minimum reorder quantity, quantity to reorder and vendor discount per card or by setting defaults for all cards   
   Registration for easy shopping and quick check-out   
   Superior customer service to registered customers   
   Customers can modify profile and check order history online   
   E-mail forgotten log-in information automatically   
   Order verification and order receipt to customers via e-mail   
   Customer preference of PIN delivery by – phone, fax, postal mail or e-mail   
   Records customers detailed information and purchase history   
   Tell-A-Pal form to inform other relatives and friends   
   Wish List sends alert e-mail to customers when inventory refills   
   Gift orders for instant delivery to third party   
   Confirm saving of credit card information in system by customer during check-out   
   Sales Analyzer wizard generates excellent sales reports   
   Find detailed status information on any PIN using the PINs Analyzer   
   Tax Analyzer report provides detailed tax reports   
   Frequent reports analyze best cards, customers and more   
   Fraud Analyzer protects store from fraudulent customers   
   Purchase Cards report provides detailed inventory report with an option to buy and create new virtual purchase orders   
   Ledger Analyzer report provides detailed and summary for all purchases and sales in store by value and quantity based on time period   
   Fraud Scan checks new and suspicious orders against old fraudulent orders and old fraudulent customers to alert you during the Approval process   
   Customize store with twenty colored themes and menu styles   
   Store has five templates for complete browsing   
   Cards display format has five list view styles   
   Top navigation bar provides easy access to all store resources   
   Use the side bar to post graphics with hyperlinks   
   Editable store text and e-mails with system value inserts   
   Custom online messages (header / footer) in all input page   
   Extensive marketing and promotional links in side bars and top bar   
   Additional html pages, text, image insertion with a click and simple setting   
   Tailor header message, footer text, website tile, and to your need   
   Customize store home page to show Top Rates, Best Sellers, Hit Counter, Recently Browsed Products and real-time Cart status and products   
   Rate Finder for Customers to query best cards for the countries they call with detailed results in the order of the cost of the call for the given duration   
   Define access rates or number of minutes for each denomination or for all denominations and the system automatically calculates everything else for each or all denominations of a card   
   Access Numbers List displays all the numbers used to access card dialing features from any place in any language   
   Filter Rate Finder with numerous options like local access, no connection fee, nationwide toll free access and rounding   
   Prevent charge backs and loss of your hard earned Internet revenue by using the Anti-fraud features   
   Block fraudulent Class C IP Addresses   
   Set Order Limits per day by Number of Orders and Value of Orders   
   Ignore maximum limits for chosen IP addresses (your own customer service personnel)   
   Automatically log-out website users to prevent fraud from Public places like the Internet cafes  
   Enroll for advanced security programs like ‘Secure by MasterCard®’ or ‘Verified by Visa®’ (Your payment processor gateway must support these options)   
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