A business or an individual applies to you for an Affiliate program from your online store. You approve the applicant to become an Affiliate. Upon approval, you provide the Affiliate with a unique hyperlink generated by the System that is put on his/her website that redirects customers to your online store. Your online store tracks the customers coming from the Affiliate's website. Any purchases made by such customers are tracked by the system automatically as sales coming through that Affiliate. Then, the system calculates and credits the Affiliate's account with commission. You pay the Affiliate commission according to the pre-defined payment schedule.

 Activate and deactivate Affiliates program anytime
 Draw in more sales by signing-up Affiliates who bring-in traffic to your online store
 Every Affiliate will have a record with profile, address and financial information
 Affiliates apply online with a simple form and get approved by the store administrator
 Affiliates see their brief profile and financial information online from ‘My Account’ with detailed reports
 Banner (text or image) for each Affiliate for store private branding
 Provide all Store links to the Affiliates with their information
 Define commission by customer visit, registration or on order
 Use chain commission option for setting of commissions up to three and more levels
 Pay fixed or percentage commissions on sales and pay affiliates by pre-defined payment schedules
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