“Software is only as good as the people who develop it”


Our employees are the cream of the talent crop, brought in synch at the state-of-the-art development center in India and a designing center in the United States. A team, when put together can achieve something that none, as bright as they are, could on their own. At Zaztech, it is the networked diversity of the experts brought together to make a difference. Their expertise are combined to a remarkable end.


No matter the World, Zaztech's global reach provides an opportunity for highly motivated employees who use the most advanced technologies and the best expertise for development. All our employees are graduates from renowned universities of the world and training institutions. Besides, they are exposed to the latest and futuristic technologies and development tools continually.


Why Work at Zaztech?

Is it worth doing? Is the place where you are working engaged in things that will change the world positively? Is it inventing new modes of commerce? Fundamentally improving how people do business? Or bringing masses to do businesses onto the Internet? (Continents like Africa and not just the developed nations) At Zaztech, all of this is called ‘Human Empowerment’. And fortunately, it is not just our strategy – it is our passion and life's work.


Our endurance record speaks for itself: it is often wise to find a place that you know will withstand the test of times, good and bad - not just for a month or a year but for decades. You want to pick a place that will exist far beyond your days. Why? Because those are the companies that have, at their core, an idea that is timeless and an influence that is profound. This is the group’s 11th decade on the planet, and we have a lot to show for it. But we truly believe the ultimate test of our endurance lies not just in our ability to invent great things, but to reinvent ourselves.


Zaztech ensures that each group, division, subsidiary, branch, team, head, manager, and worker is never left unchallenged, within and beyond the organization. The company encourages continuing education to further enhance the skills of its employees. This way, the employees develop professionally and technically. Zaztech is an equal opportunity employer. The company does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, caste, origin, color, religion or disability.


Do you have it in you? Are you smart? Do you have drive and ambition? Are you obsessed with making a difference? Ask yourself some questions about work. Then ask yourself, why not Zaztech?


E-Mail your resumes to : hr@zazweb.com

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