Mission Statement

"To Make Products For The Advancement Of Knowledge
And For The Welfare Of Human-Kind
Through The Dignity Of The Individual,
Excellence And Service."


Zaztech develops eBusiness software for business applications of the next generation for the B2C and B2B sectors. Thanks to the company’s open, scalable approach, the technology deployed in its packages enables an easy integration of eBusiness solutions into existing IT systems. This is also true for setting up new sales, purchase, supply chains, integrating procurement systems in Intranets as well as adapting flexibly to new Internet technologies such as Real-Time payments, ASPs, Java, MAPI, DHTML, Post-Office, and more. Zaztech has closely aligned its ideologies to the following core philosophies:


Control Through Ownership

Zaztech is a privately owned enterprise, with hands on management. The company is managed and controlled by a team of highly qualified managers and engineers. The company encourages personal growth by allowing individuals great freedom and assistance at work to achieve well-defined personal and corporate objectives. Thus, primary management responsibility is product development, communication, coaching and building relationships.


Growth Through Earnings

Our growth, though exponential, has been internally funded, from the earnings of the company. The profits we generate from our operations is the ultimate source of funds we need to prosper and grow. We measure our profits not as a return on sales, but on the value added to assets for future growth and profits. Effectively, asset management is the key to our ability to self-fund our growth. It also means that every job by every individual day-after-day must be correctly performed to achieve that growth.


Quality Through Personal Supervision

Zaztech believes that Quality is the responsibility of all. Quality is ensured at each stage of product development rather than at the final inspection. Doing the job correctly the first time, and doing it consistently ensures deployment of fewer assets, lower manufacturing costs, higher efficiency and quality productivity. Providing quality and innovative products at good value for money ensures us customer satisfaction and long-term business relationships. Careful attention to quality not only enables us to meet or exceed customer expectations, but it also has a substantial positive effect on our net growth.


Product Innovation and Advancement Through Research and Customers

The group has invested in research, laboratories and has been able to attract some of the best analytical talent of the country. Its research doctors have published and presented numerous technical papers in international magazines and seminars. As a result, the group has earned the credentials of being pioneers in various fields.


Also, the customers play a major role in our product development. Customers who gradually form a bond with the company over time have added value to our products by providing technical assistance in product development, routine inspections in new areas and market-feedback in product development. We are always grateful for such assistance and long-term association.


Support Through Universal Citizenship

We believe that we have a responsibility to the society in which we operate or conduct our businesses. We will and we do honor our obligations to society by being an intellectual, economic and social asset to each community, state, nation in which we operate. We fulfill our obligation to society by providing clean, healthy work atmosphere, by building world-class development centers, by following human-rights laws, by directly providing economic and management assistance to various orphanages, hospitals, schools and charity organizations.


" For it is in the quest to conquer challenge, that our foundations were laid. In the same spirit the challenge of the millennium, is our inspiration today."

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